Online Sale Conversion Funnel

So this is something I’ve been working on last few days. I’m currently managing online advertising campaigns for multiple different consumer products. After all online properties have been deployed (Content Management Systems for new posts and updates, E-commerce solutions, Customer Relationship Management system integrations, Landing Pages etc) time to seat back and look again at entire visitor flow from all marketing efforts. This is something I came up with that fits what we’re currently doing.

Online Conversion Funnel


Most of initial visitor interactions with the site or a landing pages ends up with lead collection, which then its data supplemented based on prospect IP address, accessing device (mobile, desktop), time of the day to determine place of engagement (home, work) and other data obtained via surveys in order to tailor customer segment specific email drip campaigns.

I segmented data and feed them into our CRM – InfusionSoft and will use SendwithUs service as well since InfusionSoft team having great campaign management tool, still lacks of nicer and easier to manage HTML email template editor in my opinion.

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